About us


The Welcome  Center ًمَركَزْ أهْلا ًوسَهْلا is a multicultural organization formed by a group of Arabs and  Americans from different backgrounds who are committed and passionate about helping refugees and new immigrants in Southern California in the areas of social, family, vocational, and physical needs. The Welcome Center provides a wide range of opportunities in volunteerism and outreach, as well  as education in Arab culture for those outside this immigrant community.  The Welcome Center is located in the heart of the Arabic area which is called   little Arabia. Little Arabia grew significantly in the 1990s with the arrival of immigrants from the Middle East, and is the home of thousands of Arab-Americans predominantly hailing from Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan,Sudan, Yemen, Palestine,North Africa and Lebanon. The district is centered on Brookhurst Street in Anaheim, near the Santa Ana Freeway (I-5) between La Palma Avenue and Katella Avenue. Businesses include halal butcher shops, beauty salons jewelry stores, travel agencies, bakeries, Arab, Armenian, and Persian restaurants, and hookah cafes. There are also numerous mosques and a few churches in the enclave. This unique location provides an exclusive opportunity to our visitors to learn about the Middle Eastern culture in a uniquely hands-on immersion setting within the heart of community.